Raimondas Kubilius

First name: Raimondas 
Surname: Kubilius
Date of birth: 10 September, 1974
Birthplace: Gargždai, Lithuania

 Current Position 

Head of the Department of Rehabilitation, Hospital of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LHSU)

Director of Virsuziglis  Hospital of Rehabilitation, affiliate of Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences


 Medical education 

1992–1998, studies at Kaunas University of Medicine, graduation: medical doctor diploma at Kaunas University of Medicine. 

1998–1999, general residency in Kėdainiai Clinical hospital.

1999–2005, resident of cardiology in Kaunas University of Medicine, Clinical base of residency in Kaunas Medical University Hospital. Acquisition of cardiology doctor licence in 2005 1996, clinical practice at Tourcoing University Hospital (France).

1997, clinical practice at Tourcoing University Hospital (France).

2005, practical traineeship at the Department of cardiology in Grenoble University Hospital (France).

2005-2009, PhD studies in Cardiology at Kaunas University of Medicine.

2010 – 2015, lecturer, Department of Cardiology, LHSU

2015 associate professor, Department of Rehabilitation, LHSU

2018 professor, Department of Rehabilitation, LHSU


Positions in professional societies


Since 2005, Member of Kaunas region society of Cardiology.

Since 2008, Member of Lithuanian society of Cardiology.

Since 2010, Chairmain of Junior Cardiologists Association of Lithuania.      Since 2015, President of Lithuanian Heart Association.

Projects (international, national)

2013 03 15 – 12 31 FP7 programme project „Positive health effects of the natural outdoor environment in typical populations in different regions in Europe”, PHENOTYPE  Nr. 282996, investigator.


2015 – 2018 LSHU programme project “Evaluation of factors that affect the recovery of cognitive functions and the effectiveness of occupational therapy in stroke patients”, principal investigator.

2015 – 2017 Lithuanian Research Council project „Automatic algorithms for atrial fibrillation risk prediction after acute myocardial infarction-AFAMI“, No. MIP-088/2015

  • – 2019 Joint actions (HP_JA) 3rd EU Health Programme. The ADVANTAGE initiative.
  • – 2019 Lithuanian Research Council project „The Effects of Natural Health Factors on Health in Lithuania”

         2018 – 2019 LSHU and KTU project “Artery characterization study based on ultrasonic                      parametrization of intima-media movements”.


Current Phd students


  1. Daiva Baltaduonienė (2014 -2018)
  2. Donec Venta (2013-2017)
  3. Lina Bykovienė (2012-2017)
  4. Naruševičiūtė Dovilė (2015-2019)
  5. Egle Tamulevičiūtė-Prascienė (2016-2020)




2015, Member of committee for doctoral studies in nursing, LUHS


Member or chief of Ph.D. examination committees

2015, Andrius Petrėnas, Detection of brief episode paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, KTU. 2015, Viktorija Repšaitė, The effect of differential training – based occupational therapy on hand and arm function in patients after stroke, LUHS.

2018, Julius Burkauskas, Associations of cognitive functions with psychological, clinical and biological factors in patients with coronary artery disease, LUHS.

2018, Alicja Juškienė, Associations of psychological and biological factors with obstructive sleep apnea in coronary artery disease patients, LUHS.

2018, Raimondas Verseckaitė, Changes in lefft ventricular mechanics and natriuretic peptide and their predictive value in the presence of chronic aortic regurgitation, LUHS.

2018, Eglė Rumbinaitė, Diagnostic value of left ventricular myocardial deformation imaging to predict hemodynamically signbificant coronary artery stenoses in patients with moderate probability of coronary artery disease, LUHS.