New paper on how to manage with hyperlipidemia

See the attempt at #recommendations on how to manage with #hyperlipidemia in #ACS pts we prepared with #Experts from #CEE&SE #countries – an effect of our hard work since May 2020! I hope it adds a lot to the discussion on the role of #lipid #lowering combination therapy.
To the best of my knowledge, these are the first such recommendations that show how to manage with ACS patients in order to be on #LDLC goal meeting the approach of not only “the lower the better” but especially “the earlier the better” and “the longer the better – preferably lifelong”!.
We have indicated 3 groups, for which the #combination #therapy should be immediately considered (after diagnosis/during hospitalization): those with baseline #LDLC that do not allow to be on #target with #statin #monotherapy (fig. 1), patients at #extremely high risk (fig. 2) – see our attempt at NEW #definition, and statin #intolerant patients (fig. 3). There is also a special scenario for patients already taking statin therapy and ezetimibe for at least 8 weeks prior to admission (fig 4).