Agata Bielecka-Dąbrowa

Agata Bielecka-Dabrowa MD, PhD, FESC is a Professor and Head of Heart Failure Unit in Department of Cardiology and Congenital Diseases of Adults in the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute in Lodz, Poland. She is also Head of  Labolatory of Cardiac Diagnostics at Medical University of Lodz.

Prof. Agata Bielecka-Dabrowa graduated in medicine from the Medical University of Lodz, Poland in 2005 and obtained her PhD from the same University in 2009. In 2012 she became a specialist in the field of cardiology. In 2016 she received the title of Assistant Professor et Medical University of Lodz and in 2018 the title of Associate Professor et Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute in Lodz. From 2014-2018 she was an independent consultant in cardiology in Military Medical Academy University Hospital – Central Veterans Hospital.


Prof. Agata Bielecka-Dabrowa is involved into several fields of professional activity including: clinical cardiology, clinical research and didactics. Her main science and clinical interest inlude: heart failure, congenital heart diseases, echocardiography and cardiovascular prevention and multidisciplinary cardiological problems. She is the beneficent of postdoctoral grant by L’Oréal and Ministry of Science and Higher Education for Women in Science in 2015 and many other scientific awards. Her scientific accomplishments constitute more than 80 full text papers in the field of cardiology and leader of completed 4 research grants and leader of the 2 ongoing grants. Prof. Agata Bielecka-Dabrowa is a member of the Polish Cardiac Society, Club 30 of Polish Cardiac Society,  Polish Lipid Association (PoLa), European Association of Echocardiography (EAE CLUB 35), Heart Failure Association of the ESC (HFA), LBP-MAC Group member. She is a scientific editor in PGF Urtica and also the editor of special issues in Disease Markers.