Margus Viigimaa

Professor Margus Viigimaa
Education – University of Tartu, Estonia (MD, PhD)
Positions – Research Head of the Centre of Cardiology, North Estonia Medical Centre and Head of the Centre for Cardiovascular Medicine, Tallinn University of Technology.
His main research fields are technologies in hypertension, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular prevention. M. Viigimaa has published more than 300 original scientific papers. He is a founder (2009) and chairman of the Working group “Hypertension and sexual dysfunction” of the European Society of Hypertension. Professor M. Viigimaa is the Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology and American College of Cardiology. M. Viigimaa is Past President of the Estonian Society of Cardiology, Past President of the Baltic Atherosclerosis Society and vice president of the Estonian Society of Hypertension.
M. Viigimaa is member of the editorial board of the journals Blood Pressure, High Blood Pressure & Cardiovascular Prevention, Journal of System Hypertension, Arterial Hypertension, Romanian Journal of Cardiology, Russian Journal of Cardiology, Journal of Cardiology and Therapy.
He is also Director of Estonian WHO CINDI Programme, Chairman of the Estonian CVD Prevention Programme and Member of the Board of the Estonian Heart Strategy. M. Viigimaa is the honorary member of the Swedish Society of Hypertension, Hungarian Society of Hypertension and the Bulgarian Hypertension League. Professor M. Viigimaa has been awarded a Gold medal of the Ukraine National Academy of Medical Sciences and a honorary medal “Ak Jurek” of the Association of Cardiologists of Kazakhstan.
M. Viigimaa has been an invited speaker and chairman on numerous international meetings including European Meetings on Hypertension, ESC Congresses, World Congress of Angiology, Baltic-Nordic Hypertension Meetings, Baltic Atherosclerosis Congresses, Nordic-Baltic Cardiology Congresses etc.