ILEP Scientific Policy on the preparation of the Recommendations

  1. By recommendations we understand this term to mean Expert Opinion papers, Position and Consensus papers as well as recommendations/guidelines.
  2. The idea for new recommendations can only be suggested by an ILEP member.
  3. Then the idea (prepared in the brief form – 1 Word page – description of the aim, the unmet needs related to the described subject and confirmation of lack of overlapping with the existing guidelines) needs to be formally sent to the Steering Committee of the ILEP for approval.
  4. After approval the members that bring the idea to the ILEP suggest the experts to the Writing Committee, which needs to be approved and (eventually) completed with the suggestions of the ILEP SC, which are based on the undisputable scientific and practical experience.
  5. The lead ILEP experts might also suggest other experts to the Writing Committee, from outside ILEP, if only they have recognized and documented experience in the presented subject or may be of essential help while preparing the draft version of the recommendations.
  6. Independently, the official invitation e-mail is sent by the ILEP President/ILEP Secretary to all ILEP Members informing them on the starting the scientific work on the new recommendations with detailed schedule on how the work on the paper is going to proceed. Each ILEP Member may apply to join the WC, assuming the suitable level of work that she/he might bring.
  7. The ILEP SC together with the lead ILEP experts need to ensure gender balance, aiming for a minimum of 20% of females, as well as to favour geographical diversity (at country, region, and institutional level) in the WC group of authors.
  8. After establishment of the WC, each members needs to present his/her official declaration of interest to be next added in the final version of the recommendations.
  9. After establishment of the WC, the lead ILEP experts start to work on the main content and scientific assumption of the paper, which are next presented and discussed to the members of the WC (due to the pandemic we will use both online platforms and via e-mails).
  10. Next, together with WC members, the lead ILEP experts coordinate the work on the draft version of the recommendations. In the process of suitable data searching for each paper, it is recommended to use GRADE approach (presented in detail by the BMJ:
  11. The draft version is next extensively discussed with all the WC members, putting special emphasis on the management figures and tables with recommendations (recommendations are prepared using the European recommendations classes and levels). Each recommendation is voted.
  12. The final draft of recommendations prepared by the WC members is next sent to all ILEP members for the internal review process and approval. Each comment and suggestion from the ILEP members need to be responded and extensively discussed.
  13. In the final step, the lead authors together with ILEP SC discuss which journal the guidelines should be submitted published to keep the best quality of the publication and possibly the widest access to all interested.