The 2nd meeting of the International Lipid Expert Panel (ILEP) was finished!

The 2nd meeting of the International Lipid Expert Panel (ILEP) was finished❗

For me personally it was one of the most important meeting in last many years. Finally I was able to invite and to host in my native Lodz 20 Polish and International hasztagILEP Experts from Slovakia, Czechia, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, UK, Israel, and Romania. I planned to do this first in March 2022, but hasztagCovid19 hasztagpandemic forced me to do the 1st symposium online.

It was an amazing meeting with all together 550 people being onsite and online (from 37 countries). I do hope the lectures and discussions met the expectations. I am also very happy that we were able to release and extensively discuss NEW ILEP 2024 hasztagrecommendations on the hasztaglipiddisorders hasztagmanagement in very high hasztagrisk hasztagpatients with hasztagASCVD. The paper will be available soon online, I will keep you updated 💪

One of the points we discussed many times, is that we are living in amazing time, when lipid disorders and hasztagpreventivecardiology is the fastest developing area of hasztagmedicine, with great diagnostic methods and finally with the possibility of using even a quadruple lipid lowering combination hasztagtherapy for our patients to be on the hasztagLDLC target. And in fact all is on our hands, and lipid disorders should be rendered a hasztagraredisease.

BTW, book your calendar for 👉 the 3rd ILEP Symposium, which will be again in Poland (this time in Warsaw) on 25-26 October 2024 💪

Thanks to all my hasztag#Friends for this amazing time together❗
I have been yesterday extremely tired, but at the same time extremely happy😍